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Item No: CQS877

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Disney World of Cars inflatable slide

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Item No: CQS832

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inflatable slides :

Hot sell inflatable toys including inflatable castle, inflatable combo,inflatable bouncer, inflatable slide, inflatable water slide, inflatable amusement park.
Inflatable slide is often played with inflatable bouncers, other inflatable games like inflatable obstacles, inflatable passageway, mechanical bull, inflatable boxing games, and inflatable sumo and so on. Our inflatable fun slides use best material and best sewing machine. Double stitch for the entire unit and enhance all stress points at the bottom with fourfold stitching. Both outside and inside are double stitched in order to maintain strong solidity. We make reinforce strips for the connecting part to make sure the durability and safety. The slip sheet of sliding inflatables is moveable by Velcro and we made edgings to cover the sewing thread of velcro by hot-welded machine to avoid children get hurt when sliding down. ChongQi inflatables can always offer you high quality inflatable slip with good service and on-time delivery.

If you have urgent request for samples of your own design, we can make it fastest within 3 days.
Speedy yet low sample cost (Returnable). Please contact us to discuss more.