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Item No: CQCO551

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inflatable combos :

Hot sell inflatable toys including inflatable castle, inflatable combo,inflatable bouncer, inflatable slide, inflatable water slide, inflatable amusement park.
How popular the Inflatable Combo is?
You can tell us. It combines bouncers and slides or bouncy castles together, much more functional than Inflatable Bouncer or Inflatable Castle. It’s getting more and more popular because of its multifunction. Buy one inflatable combo, and then you will have a bouncer and a slide or a castle. Are you looking for inflatable combos? Then come to us!
Chongqi Limited has a wide range of new and nice and great inflatable combos, different functions and vivid images and colorful designs for different aged players. We have inflatable slide combo, inflatable castle combo, inflatable bouncers combo, inflatable jumper combo, inflatable slide bouncer, etc. You will find anything you want here!
Welcome to inquiry Chongqi’s inflatable combo.

Inflatable combo is usually combined bouncer with slide, but we also have a lot of new design which combined bouncer with obstacles, combined tunnel with obstacles and so on. outdoor combo games are very flexible; we can make them as your demand to meet your request and theme. Our combo inflatables is always high quality by using the best material and best sewing machine. Double stitch for the entire unit and enhance all stress points at the bottom with fourfold stitching. Both outside and inside are double stitched in order to maintain strong solidity.