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inflatable tents

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inflatable tents

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inflatable tents

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inflatable tents

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inflatable tents

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inflatable lawn helmet tent

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clear inflatable tent

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inflatable wedding Indian tent

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inflatable globe tent

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inflatable clear bubble tiger tent

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inflatable air tent camping helmet

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tent with inflatable mattress

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advertising tents :

New design inflatable advertising tent/ inflatable promotional tent is made of high quality 0.55mm PVC tarpulin, with a advantage of fire retardance, rain protection, UV-resistance. It is a good tool for advertising, especially for products promotions and sales. People are protected from the strong sunlight and sell their products in a rather comfortable condition. In addition, you can print your brand names and logos on the tent, which attracts lots of attention.

Inflatable advertising tent is usually used for kinds of events, trade show and promotion activities. Inflatable advertising is more and more popular because of its flexibility to be made into any shape and convenience of moving around, for example, you can make the tent into the shape of your promotion product which is a very effective and interesting method to promote your products and it is very easy to set up and take down to move around. Also you can install lights inside and projection for advertising, very nice and effectively, Chongqi Inflatables always offer high quality tents which can be repeated use.

The inflatable PVC tent is very convenient to set up up and take down. We make the inflatable PVC tent with two kinds of materials, PVC tarpaulin or high density PVC coated nylon. We also can make the inflatable tent with two structures, constant air or sealed air according to your personal usage requirement.