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inflatable bouncer :

Hot sell inflatable toys including inflatable castle, inflatable combo,inflatable bouncer, inflatable slide, inflatable water slide, inflatable amusement park.
HOT selling inflatable bouncer is made of o.55mm PVC tarpaulin which is of non-toxic to human. It is a large amusement equipment for many families in holidays as it brings a lot of fun to both the kids and adults. With a resonable design and high quality, it is rather safe to play on the bouncy. The size and color can be made according to your special requirements.
Great safety, great fun and great design are always the standards for the good inflatable bouncer house. ChongQi Industrial Limited can give you a lot of options for the good inflatable jumping bouncer. We have animal-shaped bouncers, like the elephant bouncer, tiger bouncer, turtle bouncer, monkey bouncer and so on; also model-shaped bouncer, like USA rocket bouncer, car bouncer, gun bouncer, etc.; also sport-shaped bouncer, like football bouncer, Inflatable moonwalk, etc. Any design can be available in ChongQI. Our great inflatable bouncers are the primary options for outdoor/indoor parties, amusement park, rental business, school trainings, festival events, etc. Welcome to order our great inflatable bounce house.

Good price, high quality,your satisfaction is our pursuit! Sincerely Welcome to our factory!