inflatable cartoons

inflatable cartoons

Item No: CQCAR408

inflatable cartoons inflatable wall

Item No: CQCAR407

inflatable cartoons

Item No: CQCAR406

inflatable cartoons

Item No: CQCAR405

inflatable cartoon characters helmet

Item No: CQCAR404

inflatable dog cartoon

Item No: CQCAR403

inflatable cartoon cow

Item No: CQCAR402

inflatable cartoon dog

Item No: CQCAR401

inflatable clown cartoon

Item No: CQCAR400

giant inflatables cartoon

Item No: CQCAR399

inflatable cartoon cows

Item No: CQCAR398

gorilla cartoon

Item No: CQCAR397

inflatable gorilla cartoon

Item No: CQCAR396

inflatable cartoons gorilla

Item No: CQCAR395

dinosaur king cartoon

Item No: CQCAR394

inflatable cartoon dragon

Item No: CQCAR393

inflatable expo cartoon 2m

Item No: CQCAR392

inflatable cartoon man

Item No: CQCAR391

inflatable cartoon mascot expo

Item No: CQCAR390

inflatable mascot cartoon

Item No: CQCAR389

mascot inflatable cartoon movable

Item No: CQCAR388

cartoon inflatable toy

Item No: CQCAR387

inflatable cartoons gorilla

Item No: CQCAR386

holiday inflatable cartoon

Item No: CQCAR385

cartoon inflatable

Item No: CQCAR384

inflatable advertising expo cartoon

Item No: CQCAR383

inflatable penguins cartoon

Item No: CQCAR382

inflatable model cartoon

Item No: CQCAR381

inflatable snowman cartoon

Item No: CQCAR380

inflatable moving cartoon

Item No: CQCAR379

inflatable cartoon 2m

Item No: CQCAR378

inflatable big cartoon

Item No: CQCAR377

inflatable spongebob cartoon

Item No: CQCAR376

custom inflatable cartoon

Item No: CQCAR375

inflatable penguins cartoon

Item No: CQCAR374

holiday inflatable cartoon

Item No: CQCAR373

inflatable advertising cartoon

Item No: CQCAR372

inflatable cartoon head

Item No: CQCAR371

inflatable cartoon man

Item No: CQCAR370

inflatable cartoon deer

Item No: CQCAR369

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inflatable cartoons :

Nice quality and lovely cartoon made in Inflatable.
With inflatable ribbon attached on head.
Meet Japan Toys safety Standard
There are two kinds of inflatable cartoons, one is moving cartoon, and the other is fixed cartoon. The moving cartoon is made by 210D oxford fabric, the common size is 2M high, People can walk in it. The accessory of the moving cartoon includes internal blower, fan, battery and battery backpack. The fixed cartoon is usually made by 420D oxford fabric or 0.45MM PVC tarpaulin. The height of that is 1-15M. The accessory includes blower, sandbag and rope. Chongqi inflatable produce kinds of inflatable cartoons, Chongqi factory can make them according to your styles and sizes.
All knids of inflatable cartoon, new design, beautiful color, good material. It can be used in advertising, celebration, big party, exhibition etc.
Welcome to scan our other advertising inflatable products. They are plush cartoon, inflatable model, cartoon light etc.