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Item No: CQCA344

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Item No: CQCA343

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Item No: CQCA342

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inflatable castles :

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high quality giant Inflatable Castle is always the hottest inflatables. To meet clients various demands on jumping castles, Chongqi Limited accumulate a lot of new and nice and great bouncy castles, vivid images and colorful designs for different aged players. For more new inflatable castles, you are welcome to visit us at We have a lot of different styles, like inflatable bouncy castle, jumping castles inflatable, inflatable castle combo, inflatable castle slide, etc. Any castle inflatables can be found here. They can be used for outdoor/indoor parties, amusement park, rental business, school trainings, festival events, etc. Welcome to inquiry our bouncy castles inflatables.

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Inflatable castle is very similar to inflatable bouncer, which is also one of the most popular products for inflatables and it is also one of the main products that we make. The technology of our inflatable bouncy castle is also the same of our inflatable jumper which is always high quality by using the best material and best sewing machine. Double stitch for the entire unit and enhance all stress points at the bottom with fourfold stitching. Both outside and inside are double stitched in order to maintain strong solidity. Inflatable jumping castle is very popular for renting; you can rent it for normal party or birthday party, also you can use this funny Disney castle for amusement park with our other games like inflatable slide, inflatable obstacle course, inflatable football field, inflatable tunnel and so on. we have the best design which can meet all the cartoon you like, and also our combo castle can be played even in rain due to the high quality of water-proof material. ChongQi inflatables can always offer you high quality inflatable products with good service and on-time delivery.

This CASTLE is amazing! Buit up with many attractive stuffs inside, this inflatable castle is the best sale castle among our fun cities products series. The dinosaurs, mashrooms, columns, climbings, palm trees, turnels, obstacle walls.. all add much more fun to children. Jumping and playing on this castle is similar to jumping on the trampoline and playing hide and seek game, which is good for kids health and stamina. It is a great way for kids to exercise and be healthy all at once! It is made of well stiched and strong material which can last for 3-5 years without repairing. We use only the Highest quality PVC (durable Polyvinyl Material, used in many inflatables) 0.55mm for the jumping area. It offers a more durable jumping surface, as well as better flexibility for bounce height.