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inflatable mechanical game :

We Offer quality and CE certificated inflatable mechanical game bullfight games Inflatable stick wall bungee run game athletics games, rodeo bulls, inflatable rodeo ride, rodeo bulls, mechanical bull riding, inflatable rodeo bull, rodeo bull, bucking bronco and so on.

The inflatable sticky wall is a colorful and exciting game where contestants dress up in hook & loop suits and propel themselves off an inflatable bounce up towards the wall. Combining technique and strength, participants on the inflatable sticky wall try to see how high they can stick. Our inflatable sticky wall features a long running lane so the participant can really get some air after launching from the bubble bumper.

Buckle up! Bungee run will keep the kids running and always coming back. Two or three kids will compete with each other in two or three lane inflatable bungee run units. Provide the kids with inflatable interactive tournament games and let them have long-lasting fun. All the parents are willing to give their kids the best in the inflatable world of interactive games as it comes to fun. Have the kids laugh and enjoy this inflatable treat from the parents.

We have Soccer rodeo game, horse rodeo simulator, Camel rodeo simulator(Big and kiddy style), Coke Tin rodeo game, there should be one meets for your party or event, if you have your own design, please feel free to contact us. We are the mechanical ride manufacture except for the reseller who are able to provide OEM and ODM for you.

Bullfighting simulator is an amusement machine that can simulate bullfighting. When someone sits onto the back of the bull, the bull will swing left and right and up and down. The rider will feel like to be thrown away by the bull. This machine is both entertaining and amusing. The rider can improve his boldness, toughness and physical coordination through playing the game.

Fancy trying your hand at being a cowboy or cowgirl?
Then look no further because we have the very latest and best designs in Rodeo Bulls and variations which you can simply add as attachments!

This realistic mechanical Rodeo Bull is sure to bring loads of excitement to your event! Our mechanical bull is engineered with the most current safety innovations available in the industry today, including a padded inflatable arena and a variety of preset speeds to accommodate both beginner and expert riders. Mechanical Bull Rides, Mechanical surfboard, inflatable mechanical bull rodeo,inflatable games ,Bucking Rides